Building Thermal Envelope!

The thermal envelope or closed attic approach is a new development for hot and humid climates.

A growing body of research from ASHRAE, D.O.E., FSEC (Florida Solar Energy Center) and the Building Science Corporation, suggests that ventilating an attic may be counterproductive. The traditional methods of attic ventilation (gable vents, turbines, soffit and ridge-vent assemblies) do eliminate a small amount of heat, but this method tends to bring, into the attic, large volumes of moist air.

Furthermore, recent research from PATH (Partnership to Advance Technology in Housing) indicates that when we place air distribution systems and/or duct work in an unconditioned space we may incur a very large energy penalty (up to 30%).

In summary, using the "Thermal Envelope" approach allows you to create a one conditioned space within your house. It ensures that your ductwork is in a conditioned or semi-conditioned space, therefore reducing your energy loss. Also with Foam Insulation, you have virtually sealed your house from top to bottom and you are now able to effectively control the air quality within your home.

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