StrongGreen™ Benefits Summary

  • Stronger and Safer - Components are fire resistant and can be designed for extreme wind loads (up to 190 miles per hour)
  • Superior Insulation - Can reduce heating and cooling energy costs as much as two thirds (hotbox insulation factor of R-27) plus prevents air infiltration and moisture penetration
  • Construction Ease - We get it up faster! Dry-in takes a fraction of the time required by conventional methods (especially valuable in urgent situations or areas with short construction friendly weather)
  • Maintenance Free - Uses no organic materials and will not rot, warp, split, crack, or sag over time while providing a structure that is termite and mold proof
  • Ecologically Friendly - Panels are made of recyclable non-toxic materials which generates a low level of construction waste / landfill requirements
  • Cost Effectiveness - Installed cost is competitive with good quality traditional construction materials and methods
  • Complete Building System - Customer orders can be delivered with all required support materials (metal frames, trim, etc.) plus full assembly documentation in addition to actual panels
  • Flexible Structure Finish - The building system is flexible in its ability to accommodate typical types of interior and exterior structure finishes to meet the architectural requirements of any customer
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